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After Shunning Assad for Years, the Arab World Is Returning Him to the Fold

Saudi Arabia, like many other Arab states, had refused to engage with President Bashar al-Assad of Syria for more than a decade after he violently crushed his country’s Arab Spring uprising — bombing, gassing and torturing his own people in a conflict that morphed into a long-running war that is still in progress. So when […]

Northern Ireland 25 Years After the Good Friday Agreement, in Photos

Twenty-five years ago, Britain and Ireland signed the Good Friday Agreement, ending decades of bloodshed known as the Troubles. At the stroke of a pen, Northern Ireland became one of the world’s most ambitious experiments in how to reconcile a deeply divided society. Even now, remnants of separation between Protestant and Catholic Northern Ireland linger: […]

10 Years After Lac-Mégantic Tragedy, Are Canada’s Rails Safe?

OTTAWA — Its nearly silent approach belied the fiery death it was bringing. Rapidly gaining speed until it hit 65 miles per hour, the cargo train carrying 63 tank cars filled with light petroleum oil rolled downhill toward Lac-Mégantic, a popular tourist town east of Montreal, without any crew members on board to sound a […]

Hazel McCallion, No-Nonsense Canadian Mayor for 36 Years, Dies at 101

Hazel McCallion, who as the longest-serving mayor in Canadian history transformed the sleepy Toronto suburb of Mississauga into a multicultural dynamo and the country’s sixth-largest city, died at her home there on Jan. 29, nine years after she ended her 36-year run. She was 101. Doug Ford, the premier of Ontario and a close friend […]

Mohandas K. Gandhi, affectionately called “Bapu,” or father, was killed on Jan. 30, 1948. He is still revered by many, his name a byword for a certain kind of virtue and action.Credit…Gandhi’s Life in Photos, 75 Years After His Assassination

Seventy-five years ago, Mohandas K. Gandhi was shot dead by an assassin while on his way to deliver a regular evening prayer. Gandhi, by then largely known as the mahatma, or “great soul,” had helped lead India into its independent future less than a year before, with millions of Indian nationalists by his side. He died […]

Explosions Hit Ukraine as People Prepare for New Year’s Celebrations: Live Updates

Journalists held up signs listing the name of their media outlets to be called on to ask questions of President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine during a news conference in Kyiv in April.Credit…David Guttenfelder for The New York Times President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine on Thursday signed into law a bill that expands the government’s regulatory […]

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