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Russia-Ukraine War Passes Year Mark: Live Updates

As officials in Ukraine anxiously watch evolving diplomatic overtures between Moscow and Beijing, China’s top leader will host the president of Belarus — a staunch Kremlin ally — with the pomp of a state visit next week. On Saturday, China announced the visit, to take place over three days starting on Tuesday, for President Aleksandr […]

One Year Into War, Putin Is Crafting the Russia He Craves

A nationwide campaign urging children to make candles for soldiers has become so popular, he said, that anyone questioning it in a school chat group might be called a “Nazi and an accomplice of the West.” At the same time, he argued, daily life has changed little for Russians without a family member fighting in […]

China Celebrates Lunar New Year After ‘Zero Covid’ With Caution

Sheng Chun had not visited his parents in their mountain village in southern China for more than three years because China’s “zero Covid” restrictions made travel difficult. Then the country abandoned its stringent pandemic rules, and he decided to take a long-anticipated road trip. With his son and wife, Mr. Sheng, 43, embarked on a […]

Some European Nations See Warmest Start to the Year Ever Measured

In the coastal Spanish town of San Sebastián, residents swapped sweaters for T-shirts and headed to the beach for a swim. In Rome, tourists and locals strolled in the sunshine in light sweaters. And in low-lying areas of the Pyrenees, a lack of snowfall forced some French ski resorts to close trails. An unusually warm […]

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