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The New Soldiers in Propane’s Fight Against Climate Action: Television Stars

For D.I.Y. enthusiasts, Matt Blashaw is a familiar face, judging bathroom remodels or planning surprise home makeovers on popular cable television shows. Mr. Blashaw also has an unusually strong opinion about how Americans should heat their homes: by burning propane, or liquid petroleum gas. “When I think of winter, I think of being inside. I […]

Russia Says Its Soldiers’ Cellphone Use Led to Deadly Strike: Live Updates

Workers at the site of a Russian missile and drone strike in Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, on Sunday.Credit…Laura Boushnak for The New York Times They are lumbering and noisy and relatively easy to shoot from the sky. Over the New Year’s weekend, the Ukrainian military said it downed every single one of the 80-odd exploding […]

Videos Suggest Captive Russian Soldiers Were Killed at Close Range

Iva Vukusic, a war crimes prosecution expert at Utrecht University, said that it was difficult to determine whether a war crime had or had not been committed based on the video evidence alone, and that the critical factor was time — when the Russians were shot. “Was it in one or two bursts of fire […]

Ukrainian Soldiers Entering Kherson Are Greeted With Joy

KYIV, Ukraine — The Ukrainian soldiers arrived like heroes, greeted with kisses and songs. In the city of Kherson, which had endured months of Russian occupation, residents poured into the streets on Friday. They hoisted Ukrainian flags, and danced in joy around a glowing bonfire. Their excitement, which was captured on videos they sent out […]

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