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Ukraine Says It Shot Down Hypersonic Russian Missiles Over Kyiv

Ukraine’s air defense shot down six of the most sophisticated conventional weapons in Russia’s arsenal, hypersonic Kinzhal missiles, according to Ukrainian and American officials, during a barrage of missiles and drones aimed at Kyiv, the capital, on Tuesday. Russia’s Defense Ministry said at least one Kinzhal had hit an American-made Patriot system, the most advanced […]

Ukraine Claims It Shot Down Russia’s Most Sophisticated Missile for First Time

An American-made Patriot air-defense missile successfully intercepted one of the most sophisticated conventional weapons in Russia’s arsenal for the first time over Kyiv on Thursday night, the Ukrainian air force claimed on Saturday. The downing of a Russian hypersonic Kinzhal missile by a Patriot missile, confirmed by three senior U.S. officials, appeared to offer the […]

Montenegro Gunman Kills 10 on Street Before Being Shot and Killed

CETINJE, Montenegro — Eleven people, including two children and the gunman, were killed in a mass shooting in Montenegro on Friday, and six others were injured, a state prosecutor told TV Vijesti after an initial investigation of the crime scene. The shooting occurred in the city of Cetinje, about 22 miles west of Podgorica, the […]

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