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Front Line Shifts in Russia and Ukraine’s Bakhmut Battle, Analysts Say

Ukraine insisted on Saturday that its forces were fending off relentless Russian attacks in Bakhmut, even as Western analysts said that Moscow’s forces had captured most of the embattled city’s east and established a new front line cutting through its center. Gradual Russian advances and a high number of Ukrainian casualties have fueled talk of […]

Russia Blasts Ukrainian Cities, Including Biggest Use of Advanced Missiles

KYIV, Ukraine — Russia launched its biggest aerial barrage in weeks on Thursday, blasting targets across Ukraine with a diverse array of weapons, including its newest hypersonic missiles, in what it said was retaliation for an armed incursion into Russian territory last week. Volleys of missiles streaked into Kyiv and other cities overnight and in […]

One Year Into War, Putin Is Crafting the Russia He Craves

A nationwide campaign urging children to make candles for soldiers has become so popular, he said, that anyone questioning it in a school chat group might be called a “Nazi and an accomplice of the West.” At the same time, he argued, daily life has changed little for Russians without a family member fighting in […]

South Africa and Russia Are Old Friends. A War Isn’t Going to Change That.

JOHANNESBURG — Ships, sailors and soldiers from Russia and China have begun arriving in South Africa for joint military drills that feature a Russian warship bearing the letters Z and V — Russia’s patriotic symbols for its war in Ukraine — and carrying what Russia boasts is a hypersonic missile. At a time when many […]

Russia Hits Ukraine With New Missile Barrage

KYIV, Ukraine — Moscow unleashed a new missile bombardment on cities across Ukraine before dawn on Thursday, killing a 79-year-old woman and once again targeting critical infrastructure. Russian forces, firing from land, sea and air, launched what the Ukrainian air force put at almost three dozen cruise missiles, as well as repurposed missiles designed to […]

Russia Attacks Ukraine Infrastructure: Latest Updates

Kyiv, Ukraine, in September.Credit…Brendan Hoffman for The New York Times At least six Russian balloons floated over the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, on Wednesday, triggering air-raid sirens before most of them were shot down, Ukrainian officials said, prompting speculation about the balloons’ purpose and when they were first deployed. “About six enemy air targets were detected […]

Heavy Losses Renew Questions About Russia Sustaining Its Offensive

KYIV, Ukraine — As Russia steps up its offensive in eastern Ukraine, weeks of failed attacks on a Ukrainian stronghold have left two Russian brigades in tatters, raised questions about Moscow’s military tactics and renewed doubts about its ability to maintain sustained, large-scale ground assaults. The fighting has also come at a cost for Ukraine, […]

Russia Intensifies Offensive in Eastern Ukraine: Latest Updates

Ukrainian soldiers operated a drone in Bakhmut, Ukraine, on Sunday.Credit…Libkos/Associated Press KYIV, Ukraine — Aid groups and civilians will not be able to enter Bakhmut starting on Monday, Ukraine’s military said, as fighting continued to intensify in Russia’s monthslong campaign to seize the strategic city in eastern Ukraine. The Ukrainian Army said that it would […]

Russia Strikes Several Ukraine Cities: Live Updates

Residents waited behind a police cordon to return to their homes after a rocket attack in the suburbs of Kyiv, Ukraine, on Friday.Credit…Emilio Morenatti/Associated Press KYIV, Ukraine — Russia targeted Ukraine’s already battered infrastructure with drones, rockets and cruise missiles on Friday, raining fire on cities around the country one day after President Volodymyr Zelensky […]

Russia Pushes to Take Ukrainian Town Near a Vital Supply Line

Vuhledar takes its name, “gift of coal” in Ukrainian, from the mine on its outskirts. Consisting of a cluster of high-rise apartment complexes on an otherwise empty plain, the town’s elevation, exposure and tall buildings give defenders a distinct advantage. Updated  Feb. 1, 2023, 1:31 a.m. ET The ill-fated November campaign was led by the […]

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