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Hard-Line Positions Suggest Progress Toward Peace Talks Is Far-Off: Live Updates

A member of the Ukrainian military near the front lines in the Donetsk region on Sunday.Credit…Tyler Hicks/The New York Times As the battle for Ukraine turns into a bloody, mile-by-mile fight in numbing cold, Ukrainian and Russian officials have insisted that they are willing to discuss making peace. But it is increasingly clear that both […]

Pope Francis’ Christmas Address Bemoans ‘Grave Famine of Peace’

Pope Francis used his Christmas address from a balcony overlooking a crowded St. Peter’s Square on Sunday to call for “concrete gestures of solidarity” with besieged Ukrainians living through the holiday “in the dark and cold, far from their homes due to the devastation caused by 10 months of war.” Lamenting that the “icy winds […]

Christmas in Ukraine: Flickering Lights, Patriotic Trees and Hope for Peace

KYIV, Ukraine — Hundreds of missiles and drones aimed at Ukraine’s energy infrastructure have left millions of people without power — and dozens of cities without Christmas lights. It was no accident that the wave of attacks came before the holidays and in the darkest and coldest time of year, said Denys Shmyhal, Ukraine’s prime […]

Brittney Griner and Nobel Peace Prize: Live Updates

BRUSSELS — A bitter political and diplomatic rift between Germany and Poland, both important members of the European Union and NATO, has worsened as Russia’s war in Ukraine has ground on, undermining cohesion and solidarity in both organizations. The toxic nature of the relationship was underscored recently by a German offer to provide two batteries […]

Ukraine Peace Talks Remain Distant Even as Moscow Signals a Retreat

“In terms of the ultimate status of Crimea, that will be something to be negotiated or discussed between the Ukrainians and the Russians, but Crimea is Ukraine,” Colin H. Kahl, the Pentagon’s under secretary for policy, said on Tuesday. Ukrainian military advances on Crimea, though a distant prospect for now, would stoke concern in Washington […]

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