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Leaked Document Says Russia’s Ally Serbia Is Sending Arms to Ukraine

A leaked U.S. intelligence document lists Serbia as a country that has sent or is ready to send lethal aid to Ukraine, a revelation likely to create tensions between Russia and the Balkan nation, a close partner for centuries. The document, dated March 2 and part of a trove of secret intelligence material leaked online, […]

What Do Leaked U.S. Intelligence Reports Say? Here Is a Quick Guide.

Leak or hack? Information or disinformation? A coup for Russia or a ploy by the United States? Days after U.S. intelligence documents, some marked “top secret,” were found circulating on social media, questions remain about how dozens of pages from Pentagon briefings became public and how much stock to put in them. Here is what […]

How the Latest Leaked Documents Are Different From Past Breaches

It is the freshness of the “secret” and “top secret” documents, and the hints they hold for operations to come, that make these disclosures particularly damaging, administration officials say. On Sunday, Sabrina Singh, a Pentagon spokeswoman, said U.S. officials had notified congressional committees of the leak and referred the matter to the Justice Department, which […]

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