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Kamala Harris Looks to Deepen Relations With Africa Amid China’s Influence

Vice President Kamala Harri‌s ‌has begun a weeklong tour of Ghana and two other African nations as the Biden administration hopes to set a new path for U.S.-Africa ties that focuses on collaboration rather than crises, a trip seen as a significant step toward revitaliz‌‌ing a relationship with Africa that was widely thought to be […]

What to Expect at China’s National People’s Congress as Xi Tightens Grip

China’s leaders are set to use a gathering of the top legislature starting Sunday to outline plans to restore public confidence and bolster economic growth after a year of uncertainty, disruption and discontent around the government’s Covid restrictions. The annual session of the largely ceremonial National People’s Congress is aimed at conveying the ruling Communist […]

Your Monday Briefing: China’s Race to Encourage Births

China tries incentivizing babies After decades of restricting the number of children its citizens can have, China is desperate for a baby boom. Families all over the country are now allowed to have three children, up from just one a few years ago, and one province is allowing women to have as many children as […]

China’s Top Airship Scientist Said He Sent One Over North America in 2019

The balloon that was launched in July 2019, Professor Wu said then, was a “big guy,” nearly 330 feet in length and weighing several tons, which appears to be bigger than the balloon that was shot down off the coast of South Carolina by an American fighter jet this month. “This is the first time […]

China’s Balloon Dispute Aims Attention at Xi’s Leadership

The Chinese balloon that bumbled its way across the United States has launched a thousand questions about its real intent. But it is also focusing the world’s attention on the prospect that the communications and control within Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s government and his vaunted security apparatus may be less coherent — or even less […]

Biden and Kishida to Bolster U.S.-Japan Alliance Amid China’s Growing Power

WASHINGTON — As their nations grapple with growing challenges from China, President Biden and Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan are meeting on Friday to discuss how to transform Japan into a military power and bolster the alliance between the two nations as the linchpin for maintaining their security interests in Asia. Mr. Kishida is […]

How Bad Is China’s Covid Outbreak? It’s a Scientific Guessing Game.

As Covid barrels through China, scientists around the world are searching for clues about an outbreak with sprawling consequences — for the health of hundreds of millions of Chinese people, the global economy and the future of the pandemic. But in the absence of credible information from the Chinese government, it is a big scientific […]

Your Wednesday Briefing: China’s Overwhelmed Hospitals

China’s hospitals on the front lines of Covid China’s medical system was already overcrowded, underfunded and inadequately staffed in the best of times. But now with Covid spreading freely for the first time in China, it is being pushed to its limits. The Times examined several videos that showed scenes of desperation and misery at […]

China’s Looming ‘Tsunami’ of Covid Cases Will Test Its Hospitals

Until recently, China, the world’s most populous nation, was also the world’s last Covid holdout. But in a matter of weeks it will be hit by a wave that a top health official predicts could infect many hundreds of millions of people. This week, Beijing took its biggest step toward living with Covid, all but […]

China’s ‘Zero Covid’ Policy, in Pictures

For a long time during the coronavirus pandemic, China’s aggressive approach to stamping out cases worked. It has kept deaths from Covid-19 much lower than the rest of the world, most notably in comparison with the United States. But in recent months, that approach, called “zero Covid,” seemed increasingly outdated. China’s residents were still subject […]

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