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Your Thursday Briefing – The New York Times

Britain’s cost-of-living crisis hits families In Britain, one of the world’s richest countries, growing numbers of workers are struggling to feed their children amid a devastating cost-of-living crisis. Prices for groceries and energy have hit record highs, and austerity measures from Conservative-led governments have eaten away at benefits paid to many low-income families, including working […]

Your Friday Briefing – The New York Times

Putin offers a brief cease-fire Vladimir Putin, the Russian leader, ordered a unilateral cease-fire for Russian troops from midday today to the end of tomorrow to observe the Orthodox Christmas, according to the Kremlin. Ukrainian officials dismissed the move as a “banal trick” and a “propaganda gesture,” pointing out that Russia had bombarded civilians on […]

Your Thursday Briefing – The New York Times

Russia lays blame with fallen troops Amid anger in Russia over a deadly New Year’s Day strike in Makiivka on Moscow’s forces, official blame has fallen on the targeted soldiers themselves, with the suggestion that their cellphone use enabled Ukrainian forces to home in on their location using intercepted calls. The troops were using the […]

Your Wednesday Briefing – The New York Times

The costs of Ukraine’s defense Over the New Year’s weekend, Russia sent about 80 exploding drones toward Ukraine. Ukraine’s military downed every one, officials said. But military experts wonder if the successes are sustainable, with some estimating that it costs up to seven times more to down a Russian drone with Ukraine’s missiles than it […]

Your Thursday Briefing: The U.S. Requires Covid Tests for Travelers From China

U.S. to test travelers from China for Covid As Covid cases rise in China, the U.S. said it would require all travelers from China to show a negative Covid test, as well as those from Hong Kong and Macau. The move came as China prepared to drop its quarantine requirement for incoming travelers on Jan. […]

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