Month: August 2022

Latest Russia-Ukraine War News: Live Updates

Grain bins storing corn, wheat, sunflower and soybeans in Boryspil, Ukraine, in May. Credit…Nicole Tung for The New York Times BRUSSELS — There are many moving parts to the grain deal Russia and Ukraine reached, which officials didn’t think was even possible until mid-June, not least because the war is continuing and trust between the […]

Using Nuclear Reactors for Cover, Russians Lob Rockets at Ukrainians

NIKOPOL, Ukraine — Along most of the front line in Russia’s war in Ukraine, when one side lets loose with an artillery attack, the other shoots back. But not in Nikopol, a city deep in southern farm country where the Ukrainian military faces a new and vexing obstacle as it prepares for a major counteroffensive: […]

Tensions Flare on Kosovo-Serbian Border Amid Protests and Gunfire

“We will pray for peace and seek peace, but there will be no surrender and Serbia will win,” President Aleksandar Vucic of Serbia said on Sunday at a news conference. “If they dare to persecute and mistreat and kill Serbs, Serbia will win,” he continued, adding later, “We’ve never been in a more difficult, complicated […] girişrestbetcdn.combetturkeygiris.orgbetvolem.comtipobetm.comsahabetgir.orgtarafbetgiris.infomatadorbetvip.comKralbetDeneme Bonusu Veren SitelerSupertotobethack forumXumabetbetpas